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  • Posted by Steve Jennings on | |

    I have an artist who is trying to release Terminator Quan with Dj MKJ and Rich Homie Quan on MJK Recordings and I am trying to verify that he has legal right to do so.

    please reply to

    or call the office
    602-357-3288 ext 718

    Steve Jennings
    101 Distribution
    2375 east Camelback rd 6th floor
    Phoenix az 85016

  • Posted by Thomas Asfaha on | |

    Hi i wanted to know if i could ask rich homie quan if i could do a remix of his song blah blah blah and if he would read it over and see what he would think

  • Posted by LeRon Catholic on | |

    I have a question. I am a 17 year old producer and I keep hearing Rich Homie is looking for producers and I have a style I know Rich Homie Quan would love and I would Like to know where can a contact him? I would greatly appreciate if you guys could contact me back via email: or via Phone: (269)-301-0404

  • Posted by josh wright on | |

    I know this is probably asked alot but what does quan charge for a hook and verse I was lsitenin to him in the joint and I feel his music and I feel we would make a classic..quan the truth let me know 937 941 2055

  • Posted by Chantel Colbert on | |

    I need to get a price to book for a concert in Lafayette Louisiana.. Can I get a call at 337-256-7044

  • Posted by Sheneca (Entertainment Underground Magazine) on | |

    We are Entertainment Underground, a southern based magazine company, that’s would love to interview Rich Homie Quan/Rich Gang for our next issue. We would love to add them as the cover of out next issue. For more information contact Sheneca at 678-683-5420 or

    Entertainment Underground Magazine


    We Look Forward to hearing from you

  • Posted by Alex Shulski on | |

    I am a producer of about 5 years and my main style is Futuristic, like a lot of your songs. I have a good number of beats I would like to send and see what you think of them. I was wondering if there was a specific email address or anything I can use to contact you and share them?


  • Posted by Christina Holt on | |

    I have been a real big fan of yours for a few years now, and I honestly believe that the image that you are having to put on right now is not you at al. It hurt my soul for my Rich Home Quan, the one I look up to an adore, to be doing that flamboyant ass dance and see you wearing the type of things you’ve been made to wear. Honestly, it’s like some real big shit is going on behind the scenes in the music industry because I know that ain’t you. your fans love you for the real you and will always support the real you, so don’t think you have to go through with this shit. Even if it sets you back, anything that is lost can be gotten right back. I love your music because it was real. Don’t let the music industry change you. I love your music! Just keep being and doing you!

  • Posted by Dayon Doyle on | |

    Yo rich homie,watsup…my name Dayon Doyle I’m 13yrs old and I can sing…i got sisters that cud sing 2 but anyways rich homie u 1 of my favorite rappers and a big.inspiration to me I here u on da radio all the time telling people how u jst wanna get yo own and worried about nobody else and I ain’t tryna beef wit nobody.Im smart I got a good head on my shoulders my grades good. I’m a A&B student always made honor roll every school year but really and truly I’m tired of loving like this seeing my ma cry cuz she stressed tryna provide 4 me my sisters and brothers in just tryna get her away from all dis hood life cuz shoot rite now I got a lil sister and brother 2 look out for and I just wanna sing my way out.i don’t want me 2 sell drugs and robb ppl…so u can look me up on facebook my facebook name is (Yung Bach)

  • Posted by D.K. ThaGreat on | |

    I have a real important business opportunity for u with some great music.. i just need ur ear for about 20 mins thas all if ur interested contact me directly at 864 491 3332 . I will discuss everything.. Appreciate ur time and ima big fan so fwm bruh just a young man wit a dream.. thats right too

  • Posted by Kiera Tenner on | |

    My Name Kiera Tenner, I’m 16 &&’ I Can Sing Good As Hell I Want Rich Homie Quan or Jacquees To Call Me At (262)586-5184 I Promise You Wont Be Disappointed. You Can Also Email me And I’ll Send You One Of My Songs

  • Posted by (i)MG B≡ΔtZ on | |

    All instrumentals composed, mixed & mastered by
    (i)MG B≡ΔtZ in 2015. Sent to a small circle of artists & labels. If you received this private link, you are one of em. I offer complete productions or just beat submission. All instrumentals are exclusive/unreleased for now. Pick yours! Discretion.

    23 Years Old Producer From Germany.

    Link to the snippet:

    Phone Contact:


  • Posted by jacqeema on | |

    ….. Dequantes next time I recommend coming to coconut grove. Its beautiful down here if you ever need a tour guide call me 954 8390850

  • Posted by laronda davis on | |

    Hi my name as I stated above is Laronda Davis I’m tryn to contact rich home quan .I’m tryn to book him for a heal the hood event that I want to put together on the treasure coast main place is Stuart , martin county fair ground.The reason for this is because the amount of kids dying and being injured to gun violence here has gotten ridiculous and we really need to do something to let this kids know that violence is not the way .You were the first person that crossed my mind elwhen I set out to put this event together I would really appreciate a response and your services will be really appreciated .thank you
    Sincerely ,Laronda Davis

    Please get back at me asap

  • Posted by Muddy Downer on | |

    My name is Terrance Morton, my artist name is Muddy Downer I’m 23 turning 24 June 1st. I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where theirs NOT that much musical opportunity here and I’m trying to figure out how do I become part of Think Its A Game Records. I wanted to ask directly and if you need to see any of my work or criteria I have a lot. I rap from my heart and I have nothing else but me and my music. I know I’m going to make it to the top I just wanted to join a more successful team because you guys got it right the first time and I believe that proper preparation prevents poor performance, unlike most. I paid for all my productions and recording and I write my own lyrics so I’m not looking for any handout of any sort, just a opportunist looking for an opportunity to expand.

    Enclose: I’ve also attached my video from my First actual project entitled “New Black Panther Party” by (me) Muddy Downer.


  • Posted by Dan Rush on | |

    Wanted to speak with firm in regards to a possible payperview event for RichHomieQuan.

    Please feel free to contact me at 267.307.2990

  • Posted by Jake Hill on | |

    Hello. I would just like to say that I am very fond of all of Rich Homie Quan’s achievements. I run the Instagram for Betsythetiger and if he could shout us out to help spread awareness for tigers I would appreciate it very much. It would also help the environment. Thank you

  • Posted by derrick bradley on | |

    I am the program director for The reason for this email I receive this e-blast about Rich Homie Quan , I would like to arrange a radio interview with him on our radio show “Hype underground” to talk about current sigal “Flex” and any upcoming project. If available June 4th @ 3:00pm PST we have an opening and would love do a phone interview with him. Please contact me and let me know if this interview can be arrange, i understand that this is on shorty notice and if not available on the 26th we can reschedule for a later day. Thank you

  • Posted by DCypher Musik on | |

    Hey we were cellmates back in like 2010 in Dekalb County. Real happy you got your life together bruh. Keep doing what you know is best. One

  • Posted by Alex Van Gorp on | |

    Dear RHQ Management Team,

    My name is Alex Van Gorp and I am in charge of finding a musical act to be the marquee performer at one of the large events my fraternity (Emory University ZBT) will be putting on in the fall. It will be a campus-wide event hosted at our residence and we expect a very high turnout of our fellow students. We would really like to book someone that has roots in Atlanta, and we think that Rich Homie Quan would be a great fit. So far we are planning for a one-hour slot on the weekend of October 17, 2015. Our dates are flexible and our social calendar will most likely be based around the timing of this event.

    I would love to hear more about Rich Homie Quan’s availability for this fall and also discuss booking fees and additional expenses that may be involved. We would really love to make this happen!



  • Posted by Gary on | |

    I have just been listening to an album by Charlie Sloth (UK) and you play at number 20 ‘I go hard’ but I can’t find any lyrics for it, can you help me out?

  • Posted by ladybug on | |

    well I will like to meet u one day I look at you videos in i say omg he is so cute i would like to meet him one day the things i like about u is your hair your swag your childhood i don’t just like u cause u are famus most girls like u for that in if i were u watch out for girls like tht

  • Posted by Vee on | |

    Tell Rich Homie I saw his picture on IG of his tongue and he has thrush. Thrush is yeast. He needs to go to the doctor and get some nystatin to swish and rinse to get rid of it. I see my patients with it all the time. Ask him to ask his doctor for a maintenance program to avoid getting thrush or yeast in the mouth.

    And tell him to avoid “eating” anything but food for a while.

  • Posted by Cameia on | |

    I would like to audition for a video. I have a facebook page if you would like a picture of how I look.

  • Posted by Janay Swann on | |

    Looking for a Mentor/Producer who is interested in producing upcoming and new artist.

  • Posted by Rodney Sanders on | |

    bro i’ve been written you on fb im only willing to work with i can freestyle my ass of any beat only about my life and the thangs you talk about its like you in my head i have a voice i wouldn’t let you down i will love to work with you its been my dream im homeless bro but still have a job and keep up with MySelf man i just want that chance to say i rapped with quan in is a part of T.I.G THANK IT’S A AGAME I’VE FOLLOWED YOU IM ONLY 23YRS OLD HEAR ME OUT ITS SO MUCH TO SAY BUT ONLY LITTLE TIME I FUCK WITH YOU QUAN CHECK MY SOUND CLOUD IM AT BOBEVANS 34TH STREET. SOUTH ST.PETERSBURG FL 33711 THIS IS MY WISH EVEN IF IM DEAD IN GONE BEFORE YOU WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO BE A MY FUNERAL NUMBER 1 FAN MORE LIKE A LIL BROTHER IN HEART SOUND CLOUD NAME IS RODNEY SANDERS ALL FREESTYLE MADE IN 1 SECOND HOOKS AND ALL HEAR THE BEAT COME ON AND GO IN MUCH LOVE BRO

  • Posted by Aj on | |

    Look let rich home read this personal or producer what ever I’m a young man 17 tryna make it not just like some random nigga with one hit I don’t got no music bow but I sure can send some I’m in n.c winston-salem I know you always busy quan bit when you free hmu yo we can get this money I have hell of talent to show the world crazy how I’m jus askin for this bit its the only way you can find me at (murdaboy aj) on fb an for IG its mgotn I can tell you bout them letter later but serious when you free an chillen jus look for me I’m here forever I love yo music what you do yo swagg an would live to work with you quan!

  • Posted by Joseph Harris on | |

    I was trying to see if rich homie was available to do a show on the 18th in Tyler tx if you could reach back out to me to let me know if he is I will put up half the money up front an the rest when he arrives here or if you have a contract but if you could contact me thru email or text 9038066541

  • Posted by Yolanda Sales on | |

    Watched the performance in Birmingham on May 31st Car and Bike Show. Would like too book RHQ, for a similiar event August 22, 2015.

  • Posted by TEMP HOMIE QUAN on | |


  • Posted by Martez on | |

    Dear dequan im a fan of your in cincinnati my fault for how hatin people be in our stater but i was tryna set up a phone call or sum like that because my girlfriend an i are fans of yours and lately i been on sum depress stuff an i need some inspiration so if you can read this please call at 5137469594 or 5137263768

    Also i got sum music i want you to hear you might like it

  • Posted by Antony williams on | |

    Rich home quan if you could give me some advice on how to get up in the rap game me and my niggas is tryna come up and get famous could u shoot me a text and help me out at 502-631-7770 could u help me get up in the game my rap name is TEESE MONTANA so please help

  • Posted by laura on | |

    My name is Laura Radovolsky and I work for Rifftime Music in Burlingame, Ca ( I found you on online. We are recording in-studio videos of musicians playing their own songs, recording instructional videos for their Rifftime stores, and filming interviews. All FREE! If any of this peaks your interest please let me know! You can also create an account and upload anything you already have from home without ever having to come in. Here are some examples of what we do:

    Live Set:


    Lessons (sample of a 10 minute video):

    Thanks for your time!

    Laura Radovolsky
    Executive Producer-Rifftime Music

  • Posted by Danti on | |

    Good Evening
    I am a manager here in the Port City. I represent female models and I also have a rap artist that I am currently doing business with. We have been cooking up a lot of singles to drop for this 2015 summer. What I have suggested to him is that we should get a Major artist to be featured on a single. First artist came to mind was Rich Homie Quan. We are both dedicated fans of When. However, I was curious to know what steps do we take to get a song feature with artist Rich Homie? whether it be a hook or verse. Please get back with me was soon as possible.
    Looking forward to speaking with you..

    B.T.M. Talent
    Danti’ Battles ||Founder || Owner || South East Coast
    Office: (251) 317-1778
    Cell: (251) 382-8953

    Star Hollis || Co Founder ||Manager || West Coast

    Office:(323) 300-4386

  • Posted by Viking Cinema on | |


    My name is Marshall and my team and I have recently moved out to NYC to help businesses and artists with multi-media work. Such work includes videography, photography, and social media production work. I am reaching out to see if you all need any help with anything.

    Talk soon!

  • Posted by Demarcus Blount on | |

    He my name is Demarcus I want to know
    If you can come to my brithday on july22 call me
    In tell me if you can or can not come at 6787489897

  • Posted by kyle patterson on | |

    hi i am kyle and i am a rapper i listen to hall your
    song and you i want to do a freestyle i can do it
    what i am just saying his i no you are in some beef
    whit young thug i like young thug i well listen to
    the two of you for the rest of the day but we can do some songs if you like that

  • Posted by Charles Venson on | |

    I was interested in having a mini show at a club in Detroit Michigan give me a call 3135511718

  • Posted by Anthony Hoston on | |

    I’m just trying to get signed I have a voice out of this world and just trying to get my chance cause

  • Posted by Evgeny on | |

    Hi! I’m a web designer from Belarus. I would like to propose the development of a new design for your site.
    I do everything much cooler and more modern.
    It is like your music, so do everything for free, out of respect 🙂

  • Posted by Demetrius Garlington on | |

    I will like to meet u rich homie quan u my best rapper u the one dats goin make mhe start rappin

  • Posted by CHEDDA EDWARDS on | |



  • Posted by Chicora Stoudemire on | |

    I would love to meet Rich Homie Quan. I have to meet him.

  • Posted by rich j kid on | |

    My nams is rich j kid please listen to at least one of my songs and you will not regret it.
    I rap and I produce beats. So whatever you need i got you.
    Please contact me at 623-523-1490 or email me.

    Thank You

  • Posted by Trequirious key on | |

    RHQ im a big fan im only 14 in I always listen to your son it its go hard my boy keep on doing wat u doing oh yeah hold on imam hit hea from the back why I di the RHQ dance

  • Posted by Lemetria Thomas on | |

    How can I get a personal Autograph for my daughter for her birthday

  • Posted by royal_zoe on | |

    hey ima big fan but why did you put royal rich,why not Royal_Quan.btw the email is my sisters im juss using it

  • Posted by javious thomason on | |

    Sup rich homie u think help me and my brother get In. The studio

  • Posted by Keith Burroughs on | |

    We would like to re design Rich Homie Quans website for Free! We are the industry Standard in web design and marketing and branding. 800-530-7938 keith Burroughs

  • Posted by Jack Broom on | |

    I wanted to how much would it be to book Rich Homie Quan for a show in Los Angeles in August

  • Posted by DJ SLIM on | |

    hello sir, i got a song for rich hommie quan. Am sure he can deliver it. Dont know if you would be interested. thanks

  • Posted by Nashaun on | |

    Wassup bro I’m 18 from the Bronx and I got this fire single that’s about to come out and I would really love to the remix with you , you could check me out on Instagram @nashynash_gotbandz and let me know when I could send you the song to start working on it

  • Posted by laquesha on | |

    I love u rich home but I don’t like young thing cause he is a girl

  • Posted by Marla Wilson on | |

    Was looking to boom Rich Homie Quan thus upcoming August. Please contact me back to see what dates are available. Thanks Marla 9013597474

  • Posted by Darnae Hill on | |

    Hey my name is Darnae hill. I’m a big fan of rich homie quan. Made a video doing the rich homie dance and it’s going viarl I would like for quan to see my video. My Facebook page name is Darnae dequan hill. Its on my page. For more info you can call me @ 317 604 0409

  • Posted by Kimberly Kyle-Jones on | |

    I’m looking to book Rich Homie Quan for my son’s 18th birthday party in November 2015. I would like to know your fees.

  • Posted by Kevin Maya on | |

    My name is Kevin maya. I am a professional photographer. I was hoping you would check out some of my work. I will do shoots for no charge. Or shoot for music videos for pictures. Thanks

  • Posted by Xeuntrice Davis on | |

    I want to do a song with rich homie Quan please contact me asap 8504188916.. Hot ass female rapper

  • Posted by Lars Sjöberg on | |


    My name is Lars Sjöberg, i´m an Swedish artist.
    And the thing is, i would like to show Rich Homie Quan my art. And i have designed some clothing to, so i would like to send him a t-shirt or an tank top, for free offcourse, as a gift. I appreciate his work, hes an great artist and it would be an honour to see him wearing something i have designed. My work is unique but i think hes gonna like it.

    Check it out in the links below.

    Here are my work.

    On clothes.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

    Instagram: lsjoberg_art
    Phone: +4676-2014007


    Best regards
    Lars Sjöberg

  • Posted by Tre Sky Walker on | |

    This is Tre Sky Walker, I produce for Darksyde. I know Mr. Lamar needs production. and I was wondering where he would want all that info sent. These are exotic original beats with heavy 808’s.

  • Posted by nu beginning talk show talk show on | |

    The CEO of Nu Beginning talked show would like to have Rich Homie Quan on his radio talk show on next month for the summer radio bash for motivation for the kids all over the world the number to contact the Operation Manger is 843-870-3120. Thanks for your time.

  • Posted by TaySauna on | |

    This is TaySauna with #DAPLUGG TV. We would like to request an interview with Rich Homie Quan the next time he is Atlanta or Florida. If so, we’re able to set up anywhere and conduct the interview.

    Previous Celebrity Interviews

    Instagram – TaySauna

  • Posted by John Masha on | |

    Booking RIch Homie Quan for one or possibly one Des Moines IA and another date in Kansas city Missouri
    Venue Val air ballroom West Des Moines Iowa. Venue capacity 1000k. Please advise his availability and rate for performance.


  • Posted by Jameel Dean on | |

    Inquiring about booking Rich Homie Quan for a show in Trenton, New Jersey on Friday August 7th. Could you please email the prices and details to make this possible. Thank you in advance

  • Posted by Marvin.wesley on | |

    Rich home quan plz help me I wanna b a singer n I live in agusta Georgia n I love singing its my life I jus thought u could help me.make my dreams come true plzzzz

  • Posted by KESHIA on | |


  • Posted by Justin Haber on | |

    I’m looking to book Rich Homie Quan for an event in Philadelphia this August. Please give me an idea of the cost to book.

  • Posted by Marc on | |

    I have a private company and would like to book Rich Homie Quan for an event that I am having in the Turks and Caicos Islands. I need to know everything that is required to secure a booking.

  • Posted by Marlo Stansfield on | |

    I want to book RHQ for a birthday party. Either email me or call. 7132051481

  • Posted by ymb_ant on | | is Anthony brown and i have my own clothing line called Y.M.B (YOUNG MADE BOSSES) and i like how rich homie quan (you) carry your a young artist.. and i will love for you to represent my do not have to pay i will send in a new design every month just so i can see my favorite rapper wearing my brand once again my name is anthony brown and you can get in contact with me at these contacts:
    I.g: ymb_ant. Phone: 678-235-1180

  • Posted by shawdae mccraw on | |

    Checking on status of order transaction I’d on June 12th 1DM60222HC898730D

  • Posted by Mike Davis on | |

    Requesting booking information( price, deposit, availability) for a business/label release party of an up and coming entertainment empire. The location we are attempting to reserve will be the Clear Channel Metroplex in Little Rock, Ar. We are aiming for August 1st, 2015 from 10:00pm to 1:00amContact person is the CEO of the business (Mike D.) And can be reached by either the email listed above or by phone 501-475-5381 or 501-952-3799.


  • Posted by E-MAN on | |

    Wassup quan i wanted to set up an appointment to be with your label because i support your label 100 percent and i got songs i just been trying to put em out but its kinda hard but not giving up i fuck with T.I.G and hopefully will be part of the T.I.G family

  • Posted by Simone on | |


    We are interested in bringing Rich Homie to perform at a party in Jamaica, what does he usually charge to do parties.


    Simone Forbes MBA.
    Operations Manager

  • Posted by Fontava on | |

    I fuck with the Milk Marie song a lot so i remixed it. I put it on ma first mix tape “Manifestation” that i recorded n edited myself. I got to the copy right section on sound cloud wen i was about to post the mix tape and didn’t know what to select, so the milk marie song got flagged and removed. If y’all think i got talent n like ma music please give me the permission i need to put the milk marie remix back up.

  • Posted by Emmanuel "Mannie" Sylvestre on | |

    I could be the best investment ever made by TIG honestly all respect towards rich homie migos and Trinidad James but ima singer songwriter and rapper from Ft.Lauderdale Florida and I’m giving TIG first dibs at signing some of the best talent u gonna find ever jus hmu and we can meet n discuss this in person
    229 854 0303
    Let’s jus make this happen so we can all be happy

  • Posted by RichyBeatz on | |

    I heard on an interview Rich Homie is looking for producers, I have some beats he might like.

  • Posted by Jaron Wynn on | |

    Hey how are you, I was going to ask could I get a wallpaper autograph pic of Rich Homie Quan. This gift is for my girlfriend and she likes him and his music and I just want do something for her just out of the random. So email and give some info…

  • Posted by Jibriel on | |

    Aye rich homie quan my name is jibriel and yes I want to meet you and record videos with you. Im not the type of fan that just wants to work with you to make money I want to work with you because you inspire me to work hard everyday and keep trying to get better so I hope you get this and give me a shot.Thankyou for always being a good influence and I hope you get this.

  • Posted by Shavonte wade on | |

    Good evening my name is Shavonte. I’m inquiring on a serious post that I seen to be a model for rich home quan apparel. I’m very interested and I can also send photos in. my Instagram is ohsoyellow.. please and thank you for the time and consideration

  • Posted by BRyson Reece on | |

    I need rich homie to sign me they sleeping now but wait until im bigger.

  • Posted by dr.eng jc mcdowell jr, m,.a. on | |

    1.) I was an apprentice at BMG Distribution from 95-97
    2.) I am probably the only educated in A&R Wholesale Finance via Irwin Steinberg (Mercury), Jive, MCA, Perspective, EMI45 Union.
    3.) My mentors since 1988 at Howard U Troy White (Sony), DaddyO (MCA/TommyBoy) and A Haqq Islam (University Records)

    Greetings RICH HOMIE QUAN,
    Human Resources@Quan Electronics,

    I am launching the first white house border capital community artist-in-residence curator programme in partnership with the Chicago Park District/Boys & Girls Club in honor of Urban Arts & Culture accomplishments/HipHop. I operate a Special Envoy for Teaching, Recycling & Innovation with the US National Park Service. My plan is to collect donations for a trauma center, crisis implementation and mental illness, depression and suicide causes c/o The FUEGO Theatrical Labor in the Midwest territories. I own the BMMGVC Sports Assurance Foundation as a rollover business startup managed as a proxy c/o Sony BioFIT Institute of Trading (EINSTEIN)(c)(p)2015.
    I will acquire (2) complimentary plane tickets from a sponsor and if need be expense one more ticket. I want to house artists either at the Virgin or Trump hotel in Chicago and I will become the official diplomatic navigator via the State Governor’s Office. If we can agree to the details, I can draft an e-publishing deal and open an online joint-account for collecting revenues for the endeavor. Thanks and I look forward to discussing future fundraising business with U.

    Moving Forward,

    Dr.Eng JC McDowell Jr, M.A. PECRA, EPMD, CRS
    Cyber Office of Environmental Economics
    c/o MARC Hearing Laboratories
    i.A.R.T.-C.F.O. Mobility Holdings, Panama Rep Plant(s)
    “Alternative Work4 Online Leadership”
    773-660-0768 (HQ Contact)
    773-226-7350 (E-Laboratory)

  • Posted by Nease on | |

    I watched an interview when Rich said he doesn’t read comments….but I am in love with him..thinkin about getting him tattooed on my back…dam I hate I missed him last night in Memphis…You are so loved by me!

  • Posted by Allen Montgomery on | |

    How much is it to book Rich Homie Quan for a August performance

  • Posted by Bienvenido Estevez on | |

    I’m a big fan. I’m trying to make it out the hood, asking god forgiveness. I know you not god, but I look up to you. You made a difference in my life with you music and how you carried yourself. You make rapping look easy and I know it nots because its a talent that you have to polish everyday. Can I freestyle with you one day? Its a dream for me, I want to show my family, that the man they deserted will become somebody. I know this might not be the best way to communicate with you but I think its the only way. I got bars written and off the top of the head. #rhq don’t let The game change you, I hope you change the game. Stay blessed. #Tig

  • Posted by Hoodstar Bunkey on | |

    I Got A Voice & i juh want da world to hear it . I got sum fire songs people say I’m dey idol but I ain’t got no type of help if u can quan hmu & I can let u listen to sum of my songs if I’m garbage u can ignore me

  • Posted by Keyana Wells on | |

    Rich Homie Qua Hi my names Keyana and ik your busy ad everything but if you could take the time out to read this it would be great. Im your biggest fan and im visting your hometown Atlanta GA. And i wanted to know if you would be in the area anytime soon and i could meet you. I am a huge fan and you inspire me so much and it would mean the world for me to meet you. I listen to your music all the time and the words you sing and the way all of it sounds together just inspires me evreything about you inspires me…… Please email me back i would do anything in the world to meet you.

  • Posted by Jaquan on | |

    Wassup Quan I’m A Developing Artist From New York City And I Wanted To Know What Was Your Work Ethic You Used To Keep Grinding And Become As Successful As You Are Now ? I Can Really Use Your Advice

  • Posted by Kemory Deal on | |

    If I send some tracks to you would you listen and respond to them?

  • Posted by jayde mullins on | |

    Hello my name is jayde. I absolutely love rich homie quan music he means so much to me. I’ve done a lot of researching about him just to see like he came from and how he got to where he is today and I just wanna say I appreaciate him for just making his music I listen to him everyday. I done a school report on who inspires me most and I said it was rich homie quan. I would love to come to a concert but where I’m from money is tight but I’ve been saving so hopefully my dream of meeting him will come true. I don’t expect a response but if I get one that be wonderful

  • Posted by Nease on | |

    I appreciate you saying you don’t like facebook today…now I know I have been chatting with a fake RHQ….love you Dark Chocalate….Nease….

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