Aug 17, 2014
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Rich Homie Quan Releases “COMA” Album

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Rich Homie Quan Releases “COMA” Album, December 13, 2019.

The young Atlanta-based rapper who sold millions of singles as an independent artist – returns as an independent artist with this new album “COMA.” The collection includes Old Quan, Lies, COMA, and Freddy Krueger.

He chose the album title to remind his fans that he is not gone and definitely not forgotten. “I felt as though the fans had written me off, and had literally buried me.  So this album is a reminder that I’m still here and making music.  I just want to get back to dropping the music I know I’m capable of dropping for my fans.”

“Old Quan” a single from “COMA” features him reminding his fans that everyone wants the old Quan, but he wants to be a better “me.” “Although fans may want the Old Quan I hope they understand the growth and maturity in my music.”

I realize the old Quan got me where I am today and I am forever grateful. In life, one has to mature and grow and I hope that my fans can hear and see that.

Quan made his debut in 2012 with the release of his I Go In On Every Song project. He exploded the following year with the release of the mixtape Still Going In Reloaded, his Gold-certified “Type Of Way” single and an appearance on YG’s triple Platinum “My Hitta” track. His 2015 single, “Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh),” has been certified double Platinum and the accompanying video has more than 100 million YouTube views.

Quan is currently working on his next project which will release sometime in 2020.  Rich Homie Quan’s new project “COMA” can be purchased on all streaming platforms.


Watch Rich Homie Quan on VICELAND’s “The Therapist”

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On an all-new episode of VICELAND’s “The Therapist,” Rich Homie Quan sits down with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh to talk through what it was like to find out he was a father while he was in jail. The rapper explains how difficult it was to discover that his son didn’t call him “dad” the first time they met, and Dr. Singh explores how Rich Homie can move forward.
“The Therapist” airs Tuesdays at 10:30 PM.

Watch Rich Homie Quan on Complex’s “Everyday Struggle”

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On the latest episode of Complex’s Everyday Struggle, Rich Homie Quan joins the set with Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska to run through the day of topics, including Kendrick’s recent interview with Rolling Stone where he probably took shots at Drake, Chance the Rapper talking about the 90s, Trina’s epic PSA, and more. Later, Quan opened up about his own career and broke down what happened with him, Birdman, and Young Thug and what he’s hoping to do with his new album.

Watch Rich Homie Quan’s Official Music Video For “Safe” Featuring Cyko

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Revisiting his latest project Back To The Basics, Rich Homie Quan decides to come through today & share a new video in its support for the Cyko-featured cut “Safe.”

In between riding a crotch rocket and posting up at a fiery junkyard, the ATL rapper looks to be on the run from the government in this cinematic and action-packed, Joan Pabon-directed flick.

Back To The Basics is out now and available here:


Rich Homie Quan’s Unveils “Da Streetz” Music Video

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Rich Homie Quan gets autobiographical on his new Zaytoven-produced banger, “Da Streetz.” While the video depicts his life in and out of prison, the Atlanta rapper uses the song to rhyme about his annual lessons.
“I ain’t know nothing ’bout no drank until the age of 13,” he sings on the hook. “I ain’t know nothing ’bout no money ’til the age of 14 / I ain’t know nothing ’bout no condom ’til the age of 15 / And I ain’t never go to class as a teen / I ain’t dumb, but I ain’t know nothin’ but the streets.”
The Marc Diamond-directed visual also finds Quan sitting on steps, reflecting on his coming of age. “17 was the worst,” he rhymes. “Felt like I ain’t had no purpose / At 18, was workin’ / At 18, was lurkin’ / At 18, I graduated / A lotta lames in my class, I know they mad I made it.”
Somber in a cell, wearing an orange jumpsuit, Rich Homie explains how he managed to turn his life around before receiving some major news. “Age 21, I spent locked up,” he raps. “22, came home, told myself, ‘No more gettin’ back locked up’ / Came home focused / New mind frame, knew nothing could stop us / By 23, my baby momma, she was knocked up.”
RHQ continues, explaining his success at 24 and 25, and details the success of YG’s “My Ni**a.” “I received me a plaque,” he brags of his featured appearance, before boasting about the millions he earned at 25. But despite this success, the video takes a tragic turn with gun shots during a home invasion robbery. Then, Quan is shown back in Fulton County, locked behind bars.



Rich Homie Quan Teams Up With Finish Line and adidas For Exclusive Sneaker Release

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Athletic retailer Finish Line has teamed up with Rich Homie Quan and adidas for an exclusive Tubular Shadow colorway release.

“We’re in the middle of an exciting time in retail where style, music and influencers all connect with one another,” said Paul Diehl senior director of content, social and consumer trends at Finish Line. “Each influences the other and we’ve harnessed that concept with our partnership and how it resonates with our customers and their interests.”

As part of the partnership, Quan sports the all-white Tubular Shadows in photos featured on the retailer’s social accounts and in-store displays. On the retailer’s YouTube channel, Quan stars in short video spots with his single “Replay” playing in the background. The sneakers include a superlight and breathable knit upper with textured accents, rope laces and a low-cut design that promotes both style and comfort.

“What I wear inspires me when I get into the studio – it decides what type of lyrics I’m going to spit each day,” said Quan. “Putting together a fresh outfit with fresh shoes is as good as putting together a fresh track. My style is about more than just looking good; it’s about channeling how I feel and what I create.” – Rich Homie Quan

When it comes to style, Quan has been doing his thing for years. Fashion is nothing new to Quan, he won best dressed in high school and he keeps building his look. Like his unique lyrical style, his fashion sense is just as unique and each outfit will always be something special. One of his favorite shoes is the classic adidas Originals Stan Smith, and he always has a fresh pair in rotation. When he throws his outfit together each day it inspires him in ways that go beyond just looking good. It can influence how he feels when he steps in the booth. The process of creating a dope look is similar to creating a great track for Quan. Listening for drops and snares on the beat over a track conveys the same feeling of putting together the perfect outfit. Starting with the kicks is important, because it will set his mood and tone. Whether he’s losing himself in the booth or stepping out in the city, the kicks are what motivate Quan.

Rich Homie Quan is on a mission to make March his month as his next album is done and set to be released soon. He wants his fans to know that he gave his everything on this album and he’s got his foot on the neck of the game as he is set to make 2017 his year. Like he’s been saying, it’s #BackToTheBasics for Quan and his team this year. He will always be fresh on the scene with his own creative look that could start with a pair of adidas Tubular Shadows or Stan Smiths. He’s hungry for greatness and has the Tony Montana mindset that the world is his. His work ethic of going so hard with everything he does is driven by his urge to make sure his family and friends are living just as good as he will. Quan lives the Rich Homie Lifestyle with a fresh pair of Tubulars on his feet and the urge to get his creative story out to the people.

You can purchase the exclusive adidas Tubular Shadow colorway via Finish Line.